Ficha technica Ducati Monster 900 para ITV / Matricula


sorry, my spanish is not yet good enough to explain my problem. I’m living in Barcelona now and want (need) the spanish Matricula. My Monster is from 1995, so there’s no COC (Certificado de Caracteristicas) available. As far as i understand i need the Brif and the Ficha technica for the ITV, correct. But where can i get the Ficha technica or Homolagation?

I hope you can help me, love my moto so much and put a lot of time and money in it, so selling and buy a new one is no option.

Saludos y gracias

Hi, if you live in Barcelona, you have to go to La Campana, there can you do it all. But if you don´t speak spanish, I think is bette to go a GESTORIA, are particular agents, they can do it all, maybe is more expensive but directly.

well, my problem is the ITV, as far as i understood i need the technical approvement first before i can use the service of the Gestoria, correct? Or are there some Gestorias which take the bike to the ITV also?

Sorry, i know many questions, really don’t understand why this is such a big effort in the EU


I’m looking to do the same, but from a spanish license plate to a german one.

In germany you have, first, to get the technical certificates at TÜV (the spanish ITV), where you can also get the COC. If the TÜV can’t make the COC for you, you can always get it from the ducati itself.

Once you’ve got all these papers you have to go to La campana and register the bike there and get the new plates.

Usually you have to de-register the bike from the origin country first. But you should check with the traffic authority there to know the correct procedure.

This is what I have to do here in Germany, but I guess it’s similar in Spain.
And I completely agree. Why is it so difficult to do within the EU?

Hi welcome, you need the “Ficha técnica reducida” before going to the ITV, you can get it from an engineer. Some big ITV stations have this service included, this is the best option.

After that you can go to he Gestoría for the taxes management :wink:

This ficha técnica reducida works for bikes with Contraseña Europea de Homologación. If your bike does not have it, it is possible you need to make a individual engineering project, this will cost you like 800 euros :wall:

The best place to get the information you need is a big ITV station, like the ones owned by applus or atisae.

Anything else, only ask :wink: :wink: :wink:

la FTR te la tiene que dar el importador local :wink:

perfect, it has the EG-Homologation, found this number in the net for my Monster:

Monster 900 M2 / 00/AA e192/6100051 120

is the number enough for the ITV or do they need it as paper?


De eso nada monada, eso sería el COC que es lo mismo que la FTR pero oficial, el problema es cuando tu moto no tiene COC como nos comenta el compañero, entonces te tienes que ir a una ingeniería a que te haga la FTR.

PD empanao :knuppel2: :knuppel2: :knuppel2: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This number should appear in the original papers of the bike, although I dont know if this is mandatory. Anyway I though this number started like e3, not e1, you must check with the engineer if it is valid, because there are some exceptions :wall:

First, thank all for your help :wink:, i made an appointment with the ITV for next Tuesday, lets see what happen. Will post the result of course.

Take care and enjoy the nice weather, really unbelievable here, love it